Tuesday, March 15, 2016

25 tips from designing giraffes

Who can resist the giraffe, with its soulful eyes, long lashes, spectacularly reticulated coat, and absurdly long neck? So many cute and classy home décor items incorporate the giraffe image in such unique ways, whether you want them for a nursery, living room, bathroom, office or dressing table.

Besides, giraffes can teach us a lot, especially these ones...

1. Stick your neck out once in a while.

Emily & Meritt Giraffe Lamp

2. Don't forget to look ahead.

Giraffe Herd Sculpture

3. See the world.

Giraffe Days Let's Tandem Shower Curtain

4. Be prepared.

Auto-Open Giraffe Print Umbrella and Women's Giraffe Print Rain Boots

5. Clean up after yourself

Embroidered Giraffe Kitchen Towel

6. Be generous.

Gift Bag Spritz

7. Know when to hold on and when to let go. 

Ceramic Safari Knob and In the Wild Knob

8. Be alert. (The world needs more Lerts.)

Geo Giraffe Coffee Mug by Jennifer Hill

9. Be on time. 

Giraffe Modern Bamboo Wall Clock

10. Have fun. 

Coco De Paris Clever Giraffe with Bubblegum Throw Pillow

11. Enjoy a drink now and then... 

Giraffe Wine Glass, set of 2

12. ...But know when to stop. 

Sovereign Safari Porcelain Giraffe Stopper

13. Plant some seeds along your way... 

Wild Wanderer Planter

14. ...Then stick around to watch them grow. 

Addyson Chair in Giraffe Print

15. Born with it? Use it!

Giraffe Print Straws and Noki Giraffe-Shaped Straws

16. Read. Real. Books.

Giraffe Bookends

17. Stand out in a crowd.

Nuloom Hand-Tufted Giraffe Rug

18. Eat right.

Upside-Down Giraffe Tapestry by Coco De Paris

19. Recycle.

Recycled Bottle-Cap Giraffe Wall Art and Recycled Flip-Flop Giraffe Figurine, both handmade in Kenya.

20. A little bling never hurts.

Giraffe Trinket Dish

21. Work hard to get ahead...

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22. ...But don’t get hooked on power.

View From Here Hook

23. If you want to have friends, be a friend...

Set of 4 Mini Kisii Soapstone Giraffes

24. ...But become your own BEST friend.

Sitting Chindi Giraffe

25. Everyone is different. Respect and celebrate it.

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Still not sure you're a giraffe fan? This video should change your mind.

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