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Way to go BOHO / 7 - Rustic, industrial, & eclectic French home

About all you have to do is murmur Paris or Parisian in the same breath as boho home décor and everyone flocks around to cluck their tongues and utter ooh la la.

I like the rustic and industrial vibe this very French home has going for it, as well as its mix of vintage and antique accessories. It was designed by the Parisian firm of Kierszbaum Intérieurs, but to me it looks as if it just evolved, like a forest. @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

Study the room closely. At first glance, it’s the opposite of matchy-matchy. Yet the mix of pattern and color gives off a cozy, collected-over-time look. In fact, I think anyone could achieve a similar look with a solid color sofa in most any style and two similarly scaled and shaped, solid-color chairs. A charcoal gray sofa is, of course, a terrific base for showing off anything you throw at it.

Let’s take a closer look at parts of the room... @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

Yes, that’s moss laid into the tray coffee table. It looks as if the smaller tray is set directly on the moss, though you could sandwich a glass top in between to keep the dust out and the debris in. 

It’s in this close-up few that the greens found in nature emerge as a connecting thread among room elements. And the chairs that looked identical from afar reveal themselves to be slightly different. They’re the same general shape and size, but the green one has a tufted seat, whereas the gray one has a tufted back. The wood finish on each chair’s legs is also different. @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

Closer still, we discover the green chair is velvet. Two floor pillows not visible before show themselves and add more pattern to the mix. The one on top is the same one visible on the green chair in the previous photo and appears to be vintage petit point. 

If you already own such pillows, you’re lucky. They’re pricey new and pricier vintage. So if you’re after the look of this home, don’t be afraid to mix in some other type of pillow that lends itself to the nature/green theme.

The modern floor lamp is an interesting counterpoint to the other vintage and rustic items. The gilt shield on the left is more interesting leaning than hung, I think, which helps it work with the rest of the room’s relaxed feel even though it’s quite ornate. @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

I always love photos of reflections. If you’re planning to add a mirror to a room, pay attention to what it will reflect. Look into the mirror from various angles and see how the view changes, then compose—or recompose—those portions of your room to take advantage of this additional view.

Back to the bigger picture... @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

Accessories are few and simple, which allows the architectural features of the room to speak out. If you aren’t lucky enough to own a home with exposed brick and beams, you can always add those elements or something that calls them to mind. And these days, there are even faux options of both, particularly good for renters.

Now let’s take a look at our inspiration board for this room… @bohosusan

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It's easier than you may think to achieve this collected look. So before you go shopping for new items, take a look around your house. Dig through closets, attic or storage for items you haven’t used in a while, and scour the other rooms of your home for accessories that fit the profile for this room. @bohosusan
Kierszbaum Interieurs

Me? Well, while you're on the hunt, I’m going to kick back and enjoy this Paris view that, unfortunately, can't be copied. 

Ooohhh la la la la la la! Now THAT'S the way to go BOHO.

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