Thursday, June 8, 2017

On Fleek / Divide & Conquer

In case you hadn't noticed, the room divider is having a design moment. 

Once strictly the purview of Mid-Century Modern, it's now finding its way into the finest of design families.

Here are 25 ways to parse a space that put the ubiquitous wall and its Cinderella sister (aka, the unadorned doorway) to shame. @bohosusan
Björn Wallander photo @bohosusan
No Glitter No Glory @bohosusan
Ruth Walleyn / Coleur Locale @bohosusan
DSTRCT @bohosusan
Nicole Hollis / The Style Saloniste @bohosusan
Luke White photo / Elle Decoration @bohosusan
Domain @bohosusan
Jordana Longo photo / Apartment Therapy @bohosusan
Vicugo Foto / Planete Deco @bohosusan
The Fuller View @bohosusan
Planete Deco @bohosusan
Martin Architects / Home Adore @bohosusan
High Estate @bohosusan
Nuevo Estilo @bohosusan
Dezeen @bohosusan
Designrulz @bohosusan
Keller & Keller / The Boston Globe @bohosusan
Desire to Inspire @bohosusan
Birgitta Wolfgang photo / French By Design @bohosusan
Funda / Planete Deco @bohosusan
Via Casinha Colorida @bohosusan
Gert Skaerlund photo / Bo Bedre @bohosusan
Asier Rua photo / Planete Deco @bohosusan
INT2 / Planete Deco @bohosusan
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