Monday, July 10, 2017

An ‘out with the old, in with the new’ boho birthday weekend @bohosusan

In honor of my _1st birthday and the weekend I spent celebrating it with daughter Erin and husband Chris, I've decided to share a few "news" I'm welcoming and a couple "olds" I'm giving the boho boot.

Notice I didn't tell you how old I've become. I will tell you Erin is 31. So you do the math and take your best shot. I'm hoping that way I'll perhaps SEEM younger. LOL!!

OUT with too much chinoiserie @bohosusan
BoHo Home

You may think there's no such thing, but you probably live in a bigger house than I do. Don’t worry. I’m holding on to my first piece--a happiness jar I bought waaaaaaaaaay back when and told you about HERE. I’m also keeping the wonderful rice jar next to it, which I’ve had almost as long.

Everyone should have at least a little chinoiserie. @bohosusan

But the rest is up for sale on ebay, either in an auction or at a fixed price. See anything you like? 
The collection includes jars of varying sizes, vases, covered boxes/bowls, and at least one cat figurine. I’d love for my items to go to BoHo Home readers.

IN with midcentury modern @bohosusan
BoHo Home

Why the change? I’ve become increasingly enthralled with midcentury modern, and in a 1,400-square-foot condo, a girl has only so much display space, you know. Some of what’s pictured here, in my living room, will be off-loaded to the bookshelves in my office, where the chinoiserie was.

IN with entrepreneurship & branding @bohosusan

I just ordered business cards to enclose in orders I fill on both ebay and etsy that plug the BoHo Home brand. The cards tell those who might not know that BoHo Home is first off a blog full of “tips, trends and tours,” as well as an Internet shopping spot for “fun, fab and funky finds.” And it lets those who find me on etsy know about my ebay listings, and vice versa.

My geek hubs was sweet enough to set up each shopping page as a subdomain ( and and get rid of all those slashes, letters, numbers and funny symbols, so that actually arriving at the right spot isn't left up to memory, chance, typing skill, or hand-eye coordination. @bohosusan

Tabbed links are also visible just below the blog nameplate. THAT part I figured out how to do all by myself, thank you very much. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

Chris also installed some shelving in our garage to store my finds and shipping supplies. Not so pretty, but hey, it's a warehouse (of sorts), so no styling necessary.

BTW, the plastic bags are filled with packing material I’m recycling. The cat litter bags are filled with, um, cat litter, of course. UNUSED cat litter for, you know, Maisie-Cat, since it's still a garage as well as a warehouse. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

After we discussed several possitiblities, dad also relinquished his workbench for me to use as a photo station, complete with lights. What a guy! If this takes off, we’ll have to add to the “Dad’s Workshop” sign one that says, “Mom’s Gold Mine.” @bohosusan
BoHo Home

The tripod with a cell phone bracket was a gift I asked for last Christmas, which I’m finally using! Almost EVERY DAY, in fact.

IN with a Moroccan lantern!! @bohosusan
BoHo Home

This Moroccan lantern from World Market is a birthday gift from that same sweet guy I’ve been telling you about. Doesn’t it look great on my boho patio? @bohosusan

MUCH better than if I'd made one.

IN with new shoes!

BoHo Home

Brooks Glycerin, you make me feel like I'm walking with my feet hugged by clouds!!

IN with scenic walks @bohosusan
BoHo Home

This city park is also new, at least to Chris and I. We've driven past it so many times through the years, we thought we really ought to stop in and take a look around before we die. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

It was a challenging walk that included steep grades in a heavily wooded area. But these shots were taken along the more leisurely (and level) part of the path. Once in the woods, all we could hear were birds and rippling water. Pleasant Creek is, as you can see, aptly named. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

And check out this tree branch that looks for all the world like an elephant's trunk!

IN with leftovers @bohosusan
BoHo Home

I know this isn't the sexiest food photo you've seen on the Internet, but it works for me. Chris, Erin and I went out to celebrate my birthday Sunday at a long-time favorite local brew pub, and this is what I DIDN'T eat of my fruit and grilled pork tenderloin (Indiana is famous for deep-fried PT sandwiches, but I do the unfried, bunless version).

It was yummy, but remember, I am post-bariatric surgery 8 3/4 months and can only consume 5 ounces of food per meal (I graduate to 6 ounces in another week!), so my birthday leftovers will feed me for another meal or two. That's good because Chris will be in Colorado this week on business. (I'll use the time spent NOT cooking to do some thrift-shopping!)

OUT with excess baggage @bohosusan

No, that's not my weight (I wish!). That's how much I’ve LOST. My current weight is still a number I don't care to share. But I will tell you that I have 67 pounds to go until I weigh the same as I did on my wedding day, and I plan to get there again.

If I continue losing at my current rate, I should be within 25 pounds of my goal on my surgery one-year anniversary in mid-November.

IN with more years together @bohosusan
BoHo Home

A cousin's daughter, who's a pastor, put out a Facebook query several weeks back to get information she wanted to use in a Sunday sermon. She asked people what was on their bucket lists. I read through all the places people wanted to go and the things they wanted to do, and many, many similar ideas came to my mind, but I couldn't respond for some reason.

Then someone asked where she was going with all this, and she replied that we often focus on places and things when we should focus on people. It was then I realized the only thing I wanted enough to fight for was more time with the two people I love most in the world, that it didn't matter where we did or didn't go, or what we did or didn't do, as long as we were in it together.

IN with joy! @bohosusan
BoHo Home

If you know me or follow this blog closely, you know that Erin is not my biological daughter. So even if I hadn't been born, she would have been, which makes this birthday message even sweeter.

All I can think to say back is, What would I have done if SHE had not been born?

Here's hoping life's small pleasures find their way to you in the coming week.



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