Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to unleash your inner boho florist for le$$ @bohosusan

Think you have ZERO talent as a flower arranger? Guess again!

The real answer may be you’re just trying too hard. Waaay. Too. Hard. Or your arrangements are too big. Waaay. Too. Big. @bohosusan

If you re-envision the results on a smaller scale, everything changes. Think smaller arrangements, but more of them! And if you use unexpected vessels, like vintage china and tchotchkes, you make it fun. @bohosusan

That’s right, I’m talking old sugar bowls, cream pitchers, cups that never knew a saucer, and (more likely) saucers that outlived their cups. (Because who uses saucers for coffee and tea anymore, right?) @bohosusan

Did you say you got rid of all that stuff when your parents or grandparents passed away? Not to worry, there’s lots available for little cash outlay at thrift stores, flea markets, or on shopping websites that feature used and vintage items. 

With sugar bowls, many are missing their lids, and that’s what makes them bargains. If you repurpose as a vase, you don’t need those pesky lids anyway! @bohosusan

Pair up a pretty saucer or bread-and-butter plate with a cup, pitcher or small bowl—they don’t have to match, mind you—then pick up some flowers next time you’re at the grocery. @bohosusan

In these parts, Krogers has the best selection of blooms, but most any big box grocery retailer carries at least some. Pick out a mixed bouquet or a few bunches of your favorites, and get ready to earn the BoHo Home Flower Arranging Merit Badge. @bohosusan

For the arrangements pictured in this post, I bought a bunch of white spider mums with a purply blue border and a bunch of yellow gerbera daisies. @bohosusan

To that I added a bunch of filler-type material—in this case, a spray aster otherwise known as goldenrod. I spent about $20. Of course, you could also pick blooms from your garden and goldenrod from a field or ditch. It's in season about now. 

Queen Ann’s Lace is another wildflower growing just about everywhere throughout the summer that would make lovely filler. Evergreen shrub trimmings are an additional option—boxwood or yew. You won't be taking off enough to leave any bare spots, but if you're worried about that, cut from the back of the bush. @bohosusan

Separate out your blossoms, snip those luxuriously long stems short enough to sit in your small-scale “vases” and start packing in the blooms as tight as they’ll go. @bohosusan

You’ll be awed at the results, and at your own sweet self for being so fantastically talented. @bohosusan

And you won’t be able to stop at just one arrangement, so make sure you buy enough vintage stuff to spread around your house or apartment and hold all the flowers in your bunches. Pretty soon you'll have mini bouquets all over your house, just like in the décor magazines! @bohosusan

Most of my small pitchers and cups held one or two mums, maybe another daisy or two, and some filler. Those with narrow openings sometimes got just one bloom and maybe a sprig of aster. A big bloom, like the spider mum, also looks pretty floating in a small bowl filled with water. @bohosusan

And I’m going to make it easier on you still...

All the cups, saucers, pitchers, plates, and plant stands you see in this post can be purchased from either my ebay store (individual items) or my Etsy shop (grab bags of 3-5 items). 

And while you’re visiting my stores, don’t forget to look around at the other vintage and gently used items up for adoption—uh, I mean sale. It's Labor Day weekend, so most everything is 15-percent off through Monday, Sept. 4. @bohosusan

There are so many pretties out there just waiting to claim you, so why not take in a lonely sugar bowl or cream pitcher today? @bohosusan

Give it a bread-and-butter plate or saucer for company (and to protect your table). Your boho home will thank you, and so will I. @bohosusan

You may even find room in your tabletop arrangement for a figural salt and pepper shaker or two, like these chubby bluebirds! @bohosusan

Alas, this pair recently sold (no surprise there!), but I’m on the hunt for others, so check back often. @bohosusan

And the occasional survivor lid you do find will add an extra dash of panache to your tablescape just resting amid the blooms. Sculptural and elegant, isn’t it?

If you want more… @bohosusan

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